Your first three weeks in Manitoba

lady at the airportImage by Gustavo Fring. Free to use.

Welcome to Manitoba!

We know you’re excited to start settling in your new home. There’s so much to do!

We can help you if you’re feeling stressed.

Here are guides to the first tasks you need to accomplish. Having these done first will make the rest of your days go smoothly. We'll do it step-by-step to make it easy for you. 

Step 1:  Get your essential documents

You'll need to get your Social Insurance Number (SIN), Health Card, and Driver's Licence. You may also need to apply for your Permanent Resident Card if you don't have one yet. These documents are your ticket to receiving government benefits, get hired for a job, and get around the city.

Step 2:  Find your way around

Know your options to travel around the city.

Step 3: Know the weather

This is essential for knowing what to wear and for planning your activities for the day

Step 4: Know where to find help

Know the newcomer-serving agencies nearest you. Connect with these helpful agencies to make your settlement smooth and worry-free.