English Online’s e-Volunteers provide assistance that meets learners’ specific needs for language learning, career guidance, or settlement information. There are three streams where volunteers are needed: Career e-Mentors, EAL/ESL Tutors, and Settlement e-Volunteers.

Volunteers benefit by receiving training in EAL/ESL and educational technology, and by giving back to their community.

Why Volunteer With English Online?

  • Cultivate your personal growth
  • Take on new challenges
  • Take pride in sharing your knowledge
  • Put free time to good use
  • Expand your digital fluency
  • Gain new experience
  • Boost your career options
  • Volunteer online from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule

Additional Benefits of e-Volunteering

As an English Online ESL e-Tutor or Settlement e-Volunteer, you will spend 10 hours with a newcomer on Skype. You will share your expertise, your knowledge of Canadian culture, and your smile. Learn more about each volunteer stream below.

Volunteer Streams

Details: All Volunteer Streams

Time: 1 or 2 hours a week
Total time with an e-Volunteer: 10 hours
How long: 5-10 weeks
Place: Skype/phone/email

Description: EAL/ESL e-Tutors

English Online’s Volunteer e-Tutors provide informal EAL/ESL training to English Online adult learners. Tutoring sessions provide English Online learners with ample opportunities for developing and practicing English Language skills in an informal context, growing intercultural awareness and building connections.

To volunteer as an ESL e-Tutor, email Pam Elalfy at pelalfy@myenglishonline.ca.

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Description: Settlement e-Volunteers

Settlement e-Volunteers provide hands-on assistance and practical information to pre-arrival newcomers and recently landed immigrants. You will learn about services available for newcomers and discuss numerous aspects of daily life in Manitoba.

You did a tremendous job immigrating to Canada, we want to help you make this move as smooth as possible. The first year is fun, get prepared for it … from the comfort of your home!

To volunteer as a Settlement e-Volunteer, email Pam Elalfy at pelalfy@myenglishonline.ca.

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